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Let's Make Your Happy Place!

When getting ready to make changes to your home it can be hard to start on some things. When thinking about a space and how it will function there are some important factors. Are you the person who will change the space yearly or more, are the items your choosing easy to replace or difficult. Here are some tips on how to help you get through these struggles.


Lets start with the hard part. Items that last for years and are not easy to replace. Cabinetry and mill work should be based on your absolute love. Something that you know next year your not going to hate! If you are planning on moving within a few years then you want something that will please the masses. I will admit I am on the more daring side. I plan on doing my kitchen with deep tones even though I plan on moving in a few years. It’s a risk I am willing to take for designing my happy place.


Softening things up a bit at this point. Picking a paint colour is sooooo much fun! You can be bold in some spaces and calm in others its amazing. Paint is something that is easier to replace than cabinetry so you can be more daring. Important things to remember. If you’re not adding more light and the space is naturally dark. You want to be careful with this but there is work around. Accent walls are a big thing for this. I am also a huge fan of wallpaper for accent walls because they can be so bold and fun. Hallways its best to be on a lighter side since they tend to be poorly lite. This subject could go on forever so maybe I’ll do an in depth paint application blog another time. This should be a good start!


The decorating part is my favourite! Everyone is excited because they see the project coming together, its bliss. Decor pieces is where you can have more fun. These pieces are so easy to swap out every year or even seasonally. Pick a colour theme and add some throw blankets and pillows. Accent pieces on your shelving and even beautiful artwork with the colour you chose subtly accented in it. All these little touches bring the space together like you wouldn’t believe. Maybe this year you like gold and next year you like pink! Easy to change out and if your last year things are still in good shape someone else’s this year colour could be your last year colour. I know trends are trends but not everyone loves the trend of the year so as long as its your happy place that’s all that matters.

These 3 starter tips should help you through the process of designing your happy place!

I am Jennifer Morton, founder and lead designer at Gambit Interiors. I love finding the perfect solution for any space to help everyone using it love it! I hope my two kids Bianka and Landon see all the joy I bring other people in their spaces, the way I watched my parents over the years.

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