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Whether you like all the options for Christmas or do the same thing every year, you know you aren’t doing it wrong. Christmas is always beautiful and the more lights the better in this cold time of year! Below is some inspiration to add Christmas charm anywhere in your home.


Railings with green garland or white and lights help bring the joy of Christmas through the house. Some little decorations on the stairs and you have a completed space. Just thinking about it makes me feel so calm.

Christmas Tree’s

Christmas tree’s are by far the most joyful symbol of Christmas. The lights, the decorations and the many many options. The classic red and green or the current white tree with accent colours for ultimate pop! The classic tree typically has crafted decorations made by the kids and the full colour lights. Current tree’s have so many options, flocked or all white, fake or real. Most even come with the lights how convenient!

Fireplace and Mantle

Even if you don’t have a fireplace you cannot say you haven’t always wanted one. I have always desired a real wood burning fireplace and I know in our next place we will have one. I can already see it decorated in our home. We decorate more traditional and classic in most of our home.

Wrapping Paper

Let’s face it wrapping paper is only in here because its so much fun to pick! There is so many options for paper. Creative, Newspaper even looks great. No matter your style of paper the kids love it and the tree looks great with it.

Whichever style is your’s is perfect! Christmas decor always brings so much warmth during this cold time of year.

I am Jennifer Morton, founder and lead designer at Gambit Interiors. I love finding the perfect solution for any space to help everyone using it love it! I hope my two kids Bianka and Landon see all the joy I bring other people in their spaces, the way I watched my parents over the years.

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