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Trying to love what I have!

We have been in our home for about 8 years now. I, like everyone else never planned on staying in this house for more than 5 years. There was always a reason it wasn’t time to move and while I still keep hoping we will. We know what we want the market just isn’t for us right now. So we are going to design our happy place temporarily here!

Gambit Interiors Home before renovations, Designing Our Happy Place

We have discussed all the things we want to do to this home. I am a designer at heart and knew I needed to be working on things to make it our own. My husband is like some people, fine with things as they are. Honestly he doesn’t seem very calm when we do work around the house. We did our bathroom about a year ago and the poor guy was loosing his mind I think. (I’ll do a post about the bathroom experience eventually. It is a pretty funny and entertaining story now)

We broke into 2019 and I was ready to make changes. We went and looked at a house we really liked and realized it wouldn’t work for us either. At this point I had enough of just talking about the things we wanted to do! I wanted to actually do things in this house. If I was going to continue to live here I wanted it to feel like our place. I don’t know what came over my husband but he AGREED!

We have a lot of plans by we, I mostly mean me. I do discuss them with Damean and he is on board….sometimes.

What our current plan of order is

Step one, no pun intended is our stairway – reason I seriously hate our carpet

Step two. bedrooms – not sure which one will be done first but thinking our daughters

Basically step three and 4 will be the other bedrooms

Step five – living room/dining room

Step six – Kitchen – I cannot wait for this one! but since it is the most costly it will be last

Step seven – finally finishing what we started in the basement

My plan is to blog the steps and struggles we took for each project. I will also share the rough pricing information for people to try to plan for their own renos. Remember most of this will be done without a contractor. When it is with a contractor I have this great dad! He happens to be one and refuses to charge me for work. If I want something done quicker like my kitchen I am hoping he will let me pay for the work. Each project will have zero timeline so that we can enjoy doing it.

Well welcome to the adventure I hope you enjoy seeing the progress of each project.

Gambit Interiors, Jennifer Morton and her little family, Designing Our Happy Place
I am Jennifer Morton, founder and lead designer at Gambit Interiors. I love finding the perfect solution for any space to help everyone using it love it! I hope my two kids Bianka and Landon see all the joy I bring other people in their spaces, the way I watched my parents over the years.

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