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After spending so much time choosing all the details and its time to pick paint colour don’t choose quickly. When the paint is done it won’t be what was expected. Here are some tips on how to choose the right paint colour so you love it in the end.

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When the flooring or stone is picked, those pieces help choose the paint colour. Don’t pick something to close to the tone or you loose the flooring because it blends into the paint colour. The items that took so long to pick should stand out or accent when the space is completed.

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For small space bathrooms (with windows) you can have fun with deep colours. The image above is for a washroom. It would be stunning in the colour of the top row in the middle. All the style from the tiles chosen would pop. The client needed something more subtle since this is for a rental suite. We went with something that was pulled from the bottom tile and accents the accent tile. The top colour in the middle row. When picking a colour the space use, light and other items in the space all need to be considered.

I love to use bold colours in specific spaces, bedrooms, bathrooms and other non main spaces. In smaller spaces you can be a bit more bold. In bedrooms if you use a bold colour it can help the room be darker at night when sleeping. During the day you need the right kind of light. Below as most of you know is my bedroom and this is my absolute favourite space in my home. When you use a bold colour your items in your space should pop against it. The only other items with green in it is some art. There is 2 pieces (one not seen in this image) and accents in the rug.

When ready to look at colour options choose some favourites get larger chips or paint samples. Paint a few spots in the room to see how the light effects it in different spaces. This can be tricky because your current wall colour can throw it off a bit and trick your eye. If you can look past that or put a white paper under the chip, then you can pick the right colour for you.

I am Jennifer Morton, founder and lead designer at Gambit Interiors. I love finding the perfect solution for any space to help everyone using it love it! I hope my two kids Bianka and Landon see all the joy I bring other people in their spaces, the way I watched my parents over the years.

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