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Two times a year we try to declutter our home. So much comes in and out of the house it’s easy to loose track of what belongs. Other times we do this is just before summer and we make the kids do their stuff before their birthdays.

Doing this helps our home stay happy because almost everything has its place. When I was in college I had so much stuff everywhere and always had a weight on my shoulders. Now I have figured out its OK to not keep everything life is a lot more joyful. Here are some tips to help you decide what can stay and what can go.

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Just you/and your partner

Deciding what you don’t need anymore is simple really, take some time looking at each item in your home. I recommend if you have a larger home picking a floor a weekend or a room a day. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself. Each room should make you feel so pumped after your done. If an item in the room doesn’t seem to make sense anymore it should go.

  • Marie Kondo method is great, if it doesn’t bring you joy it goes.
  • In closets the turn all the hangers the wrong way and see what you wear by the end of the year. Of coarse you should sort through your items before turning them because you could find things you don’t want anymore that way also.
  • If the item doesn’t have a place in one room, see if it does in another room but if not consider how much it really means to you.
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Doing this with the kids helps them not build unhealthy attachments to things. Also the earlier you start doing this with them the easier it is. If they do love the item and it really does make them happy no problem they can keep it. My kids like to know that if they don’t want the item anymore we can donate it because another kid might love it!

  • Dump out all their toy boxes, I know this sounds like a nightmare right but this way you and them can sort the want to keep toys into the toy box as you go so it helps get out all the broken toys and pieces of paper floating in there
  • If they have items non toy related let them decide if it has a place in their room. If it doesn’t ask them if they really want to keep the item and if they do I tend to put the item into their closet for safety or on display somewhere for them. Kids rooms are kids rooms so just find a place it’ll keep them happy.
  • Let them see the item going to be donated it helps them see what they did was special for someone.
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The less stuff in your space that is out of place the easier it is for you to enjoy it. Your home should be your happy place don’t attach yourself to items that don’t bring that feeling.

I am Jennifer Morton, founder and lead designer at Gambit Interiors. I love finding the perfect solution for any space to help everyone using it love it! I hope my two kids Bianka and Landon see all the joy I bring other people in their spaces, the way I watched my parents over the years.

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