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Contact Gambit Interiors has an eye for beautiful and functional bathroom designs
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Project Call

Cost: 30 minutes for FREE!


This is a phone call to discuss your project together, to decide if a consultation is all you need or if your project is considered a full renovation. We discuss the project and get ready to book the Project Consultation.

Gambit Interiors has an eye for beautiful and functional designs

Project Consultation

2 hours $250


A project consultation is a 2 hour working meeting after an initial phone call about the project. We plan your interior design project on site together or we do a consult of finishes. At this point the design process has already begun. Drawings and additional services are $125/ hour

Full Renovation

Time and Prices vary


These interior design projects can vary on scale most would be at an hourly rate but some may be a flat rate depending on the scale. These projects are for spaces you either are fully gutting and starting over or are parts of multiple spaces in your home.

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Let's Make Your Happy Place!

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